Pan-American Supply

Measuring Instruments

Pan-American Supply supplies instrumentation for accurate process measurement to the oil and gas industry. Our supplies include UV photometric analyzers, electrolytic moisture analyzers, quartz crystal moisture analyzers, quadrupole mass spectrometers, hydrocarbon dew point analyzers, and trace oxygen analyzers.
      • Density Measurements
      • Mud Pumps - Flow Rate Measurement
      • Mud Pump Pressure Indicator Systems, Remote
      • Mud Pump Pressure Indicator Systems, Standpipe
      • Separator Vessels - Oil, Gas and Water Flow Measurement
      • Temperature Instrumentation - Thermowells
      • Pressure Instrumentation
      • Torque Indicators, Rotary
      • Torque Indicators, Tong
      • Tachometer Systems, RPM and SPM
Measurement Products

We supply with quality measurement products. meter tubes, skid-mounted meter runs, and packaged measurement stations. We also offer a variety of measurement accessories and custom piping products.

      • Advanced Driller Monitoring System (ADMS)
      • AOI Satellite System
      • PMMS-1000 Pneumatic Mud Monitoring System
      • Anchor Winch Houses and Custom Drillers' Houses
      • Integrated Drilling Systems
      • Pump Stroke Counter/Rate Meter
      • Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) System
      • Crane Load and Radius Indicator Systems
      • AOI Auto-Driller
      • Drilling Recorder

Weight Indicators
  • Anchor
  • Deflection
  • Midget and Super Midget
  • Single Line
  • Measure Head
  • Bulk Tank
Deadline Anchors

Mud Pump Pressure Indicator Systems, Remote
  • Single Pointer Pressure Gauge
  • Compound Pointer Pressure Gauge
Mud Pump Pressure Indicator Systems, Standpipe
  • Unitized Pressure Gauge
  • Flanged Pressure Gauge
  • Standpipe Mud Pump Pressure Gauges
Torque Indicators, Rotary

  • Electric Rotary Torque Systems
  • Mechanical (Hydraulic) Rotary and Torque Systems

Torque Indicators, Tong
  • Tong Torque Systems
  • Tension Load Cells
Tachometer Systems, RPM and SPM

We supply various industrial instrumentation and provide a wide range of pressure measurement products for pressure, flow and level applications. We offer easy to read flow indicators for gases, liquids, compressed air and steam.

The meters feature a large, easy-to-read dial and displays directly in engineering units (GPM, SCFM, m3/h, etc.). All meters are available in either threaded or flanged connections and in bronze or monel.

          • Gas Flow meters
          • Steam Flow Meters
          • Sight Flow Indicator
          • Flow Switch
          • Precision Measuring Instruments

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