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Oilfield Drilling Equipment 

Drilling Machinery, Equipment, Tools and Accessories

Pan-American Supply specializes in the supply of a range of premium quality drilling Equipment, components and accessories. We supply technically advanced API Equipment for overall drilling efficiency for demanding oil and gas applications in a full range of sizes and types. Our supply of finest drilling equipment is for excellent drilling, long run life and for optimum combination of drilling efficiency and durability.

Drill Bits

Oilfield Hoses:

BOP Hoses

Choke & Kill Hoses

High Pressure Rotary Hoses

Kelly Hoses

Mud Pump Banded Belts

Mud pump Suction Hoses

Hoses, rotary, standpipe, steel

Hydraulic clamps for drilling

Handling Tools:


Stabbing Guides

Drill Pipe Spinners


Casing Elevators

Drill Collar Elevators

Drill Pipe Elevators

Drill Pipe Elevators Slips Combinations

Single Joint Elevators

Slip Type Elevators

Kellys, Kelly Spinners, Kelly Cocks

H2S Safety Valves

Safety Clamps Slips

Drill Collar Slips

Casing Slips

Rotary Slips for Drill Pipe


Hydraulic Casing Tongs

Manual Tongs and Casing

Tubing Tongs

Tubing Spider

Casing Handling Equipment:

Casing equipment

Casing heads, hangers

Casing spiders

Cementing equipment

Cementing guide shoes

Centrifuges, drilling mud/fluid

Circulation heads

Components for draw-works

Core barrels, drilling rig

Core handling equipment

Coring equipment

Crossovers, rotary substitutes

Crown blocks

Fishing Tools & Downhole Equipment

Boot Baskets (Junk Subs)

Casing Patches, Rollers

Casing Scraper

Die Collars

Ditch Magnets

Fishing Bumper Sub

Fishing Magnets

Flat Bottom Junk Mill

Hydraulic Amplifiers

Hydraulic Fishing

Junk Catcher Junk Subs

Lead Impression Blocks


Mandrels & Sleeves

Mill Control Packer

Overshots Sucker Rod

Releasing and Circulating Overshot

Reverse Circulation Junk Baskets

Roller Reamers

Rotary Drilling Jar

Safety Joints

Spiral Grapples & Controls



Type A Packets

Mud Treating Equipment:

Centrifugal Pumps

Desander, Desilter


Jet Shearing & Mixing Systems

Multifunctional Linear Motion Shakers

Patented Mud Cleaner

Drilling Strings:

Drill Collars, Drill Pipe


Heavy-Weight Drill Pipe

Hole Openers

Kelly Valves

Kellys, Pup Joints

Rotary Subs


Thread Protectors

Rig Tools:

Brake Rims & Band

Brake Blocks

Torque Converters:

Torque Converters - National

Twin Dics Toque Converters and Fluid Couplings

Toque Converters - Allison

Air Compressors:

Air Dryers, Air Filtration, Accessories

Air Compressor Vacuum Compressors

Quincy Air Compressors Vacuum Compressor


Brakes for draw-works

BOPs, Annular

BOPs, Ram

Subassembly, H2S Subassembly

BOPs, Type 'U' & Components

Choke Manifolds

Closing Units

Control Systems

Double Studded Adaptors

Drilling Choke Control Systems

Dual Drilling Control Consoles

Gate Valves for BOPs Hydraulic Drilling Chokes

Manifold Skids

Spools for BOPs

Support Parts


Slick line Units

Wireline Parts, Skids

Wireline Trailers, Trucks

Wall Scratchers, Borehole

Well capping equipment,

Christmas trees:

Well chokes, completion systems, sub-sea

Well control equipment

Well equipment, brine handling

Well equipment, freezing

Wireline anchors, well

Wireline logging

Kelly and Casing Tongs, Drilling Rig

Kelly and pipe straighteners

Kelly wipers, drill pipe wipers, Kellys

Manifolds, Well Head

Mud ditches and mud mining guns

Mud pit equipment

Mud screens & shale shakers

Filtration systems, offshore and onshore

Oil Rig Derrick Substructures

Oil rig derricks, telescopic

Oil storage and handling equipment, oilfield

Pumps, slush

Pup joints

Remote Controls, Mechanical

Rotary swivels

Rotary tables

Solids control, Dilling mud treatment

Sonic drilling systems

Stabilizers, oilfield drill string

Temperature indicators/ recorders

Test equipment, drilling mud/fluids rheology

Traveling blocks

Turbines and downhole motors

Valves, Spare Parts and Accessories

Valves, well head


Directional drilling

Downhole oil water separators


Drill bit breaker plates

Drill bits, coring

Drill bits, diamond

Drill pipes

Drill string and bottom hole assembly

Drilling control equipment

Drilling depth indicators

Drilling equipment, rat-holing

Drilling instrumentation

Engines & Parts

      • Drill Bits - Tricone & Diamond Drill Bits
      • Roller-cone bits, Tricone Rotary Drilling Bits
      • Directional Drilling
      • General Drilling Machinery and Equipment
      • Cementing Equipment
      • Casing Accessories
      • Production Equipment


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Precision - National Oilwell - FMC - GE - Varco - McDermott

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