Pan-American Supply

Pipe Fittings and Flanges

Pan-American Supply is a regular supplier of Pipe Fittings and Flanges of various specifications, size, grade and materials. Our supplies include standard grade Couplings, Sockets, Nipples, Bushings, Nuts, Caps, Plugs, Socket and Hose fittings, etc.

Forged carbon, CS, SS, High-yield, Al, CU, Brass, Bronze, Malleable and Cast Iron, Chrome , Moly, PVC, CPVC, exotic alloys, Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, titanium or other non ferrous materials.

Pipe Fittings

Butt Weld Fittings, Threaded Fittings and SMLS Fitting
We supply a wide range of Fittings - 45's, 90's, 180's, Reducers, Couplings, Caps, Y's Tee's,

Laterals, O-lets, Plugs, Unions, etc.
Dimensions - OD 1/4" - 102"
Schedule - 10 - XXH 150# - 9000#
Grades - WPB, WPC, Y42, Y65, WP11, WP22, WP91 F304, F347

Forged Fittings :
ASTM A-105 ASTM A-182 F-304, F304L, F-316, F-316L 150#, 300#, 2000#, 3000#, 6000#. Various OD & WT.

Weld Fittings:
A-234 WPB Carbon Steel NACE A-403 WPS, WP, WPX 304L, 316L A-774 304L, 316L Socketweld Fittings for high pressure systems.

Threaded Fitting:
High quality fittings made of premium tube and bar material for high pressure system.

Pipe Flanges

We supply all steel grades and pressure classes according to ANSI, API, BS, standards. Our regular supply includes all types of flanges, Lap-joint, Slip-on, Welding neck and Blind flanges in standard grades.

Dimensions - OD 1/8" - 102". WT ranging from MSS and ANSI standards
Grades - F5, F91, Y42, Y65, F304, F347
Schedule - 10 - XXS 150# - 2500# SA-105, SA-182, SA-350, SA-694


Y- type, Tee, Basket, Cone, Flat, etc.

Sealing Products

Fasteners, Bolts, Studs and Gaskets
For oilfield projects, we regularly supply fasteners, threaded studs, double-end and tap-end studs, combination studs, nuts, bolts, screws, washers etc. of all pressure ratings, various specifications, grade and materials.

We supply a full range of high tensile stud bolts ( OD 1/2" to 31/2") with a versatile range of gaskets including compressed fiber, klinger spiral hound, graphite self centering or centering ring type.

  • Anchor Fastener
  • Expansion Fastener
  • Expansion Anchor Fasteners
  • Expansion Anchor Bolts
  • Expansion Anchor Bolt
  • Machine Hex Head Bolts
  • Machine Studs
  • Standard and Metric
  • Gaskets, Neoprene, Spiral Wound
  • RTJ
  • Thru Bolts
  • SS Anchor Bolts
  • Eye & Hook Anchors Bolts

Nipples, Swedge Nipples

          •   Grooved, Transition
          •   Plain Both Ends
          •   Beveled Both Ends
          •   Threaded Both End
          •   Threaded One End

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